Where did my files go??

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Have you ever had one of these moments? “Where did that document/picture/download go?”

Finding documents, pictures and downloads on your computer has become easier over the years. You can find all of this by clicking on the ‘File folder’ icon on the ‘Taskbar’, at the bottom of your computer screen.

Taskbar with notesThe taskbar is a long strip that goes along your whole screen and has several icons.  Click on the file folder icon, labeled ‘Computer files’ above (On your computer this is referred to as ‘File Explorer’). That will take you to the ‘insides’ of your computer.  

You will see along the left, ‘Libraries’ as a section containing: Windows librariesDocuments, Music, Pictures, Videos.

One other folder to make note of that is NOT included in libraries is your ‘Downloads’ folder. Most, if not all, of your downloaded files will go here first unless you canPointing, or else

tell the download where to go.

For instance, if you click on a file on the internet that is a ‘PDF’, you click on a ‘down-arrow’ at the top right or bottom middle, and YOU CAN TELL YOUR FILE WHERE TO GO :). ‘PDF’ stands for “Portable Document Format” and is a pretty universal format that anyone in the world should be able to access. For example, if someone sends you a Microsoft Word document, and you don’t have a word processor to create documents (like this author’s parents), you won’t be able to open it. Most computers have some version of a PDF ‘Reader’ (usually Adobe Acrobat) to open these documents.

Basically, if a screen comes up while you are trying to save/download something to your computer, think for a minute. What are you saving, a picture, document, music, video, or some type of computer utility? Just take this thoughtful minute to save it somewhere so that you can find it later. That’s where your ‘Libraries’ come in handy.

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