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What is a thumb drive?

There are many names for thumb drive, including usb key, pocket drive, memory stick, data stick, pen drive, jump drive, and maybe some others. This device can be thought of just like a file cabinet. It’s a place to store digital files of any kind. It can be accessed by any device that has a […]

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Is my password ‘out-there’??

Don’t be alarmed if you get an email with the subject “your-email: password” (insert YOUR email and YOUR password). It may be your email and you may recognize the password. “Don’t be alarmed??” you exclaim! In all likelihood, it’s a VERY old password. It may still linger on some websites that you don’t use any […]

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Where did my files go??

  Have you ever had one of these moments? “Where did that document/picture/download go?” Finding documents, pictures and downloads on your computer has become easier over the years. You can find all of this by clicking on the ‘File folder’ icon on the ‘Taskbar’, at the bottom of your computer screen. The taskbar is a long […]

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Email Hacking

Have you had your email hacked recently? You are in good company! President G.H. Bush had his hacked while in the hospital; Sara Palin was a victim of email hacking (good company??). Many of us still don’t use the best passwords, nor do we change them very often. I have seen recently many sites requiring […]

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