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5 Reasons to use cash in an emergency

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to use CA$H in an emergency instead of a credit card? Do you have butterflies every time something unexpected comes up, as you reach for your credit card? There are many reasons to have cash built up:   loss of a job   major car repair   […]

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Credit Cards – The un-common theory

How many credit cards do you have in your wallet? We have been conditioned (brainwashed) into thinking credit cards are a good idea. “Oh I only use it for emergencies,” is a common expression. Isn’t an emergency the worst time to go into debt? If you’re using a credit card in an emergency, that means […]

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Get your financial house in order first

Before you do anything, make sure these areas are taken care of:  Food, Utilities, Mortgage/Rent, Transportation. If you are behind on any of these, then don’t pay ANYTHING else until these BASIC NECESSITIES are current. Here is an outline of a very first, very basic budget, or spending plan: Income Paycheck(s) Other income Expenses Food […]

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