Beautiful Reunion

This video was taken the day she arrived home on May 11, 2010. The interaction you see between the two horses is classic herd behavior. Quinn is the light brown gelding, NOT a stallion as some of you thought. Herehe was doing what is called the ‘Flehmen response’. There are many different reasons horses do this, but at this moment I’d say he is smelling for her, as stallions would in the early stages of mating. Although he is a gelding, his instincts are still intact.

Roxie is the dark brown (bay) mare who has just come home from the hospital after 7 weeks. The main action in the paddock is centered around them running together, in almost perfect unison. I believe there are a couple of things going on here. First and foremost is their complete joy in being reunited. Second, is Quinn re-establishing his dominance by directing where they run. This is normal behavior in horse herds. And yes, 2 is considered a herd. The leader will always establish their dominance by moving the others’ feet. This is not Quinn pushing her around and being mean, this is how herds have survived in the wild, and they take comfort in their herd. Her wound had healed weeks ago and there was no denying their reunion.

They ran for the length of this video, then they were done and ready for hay and Roxie loves her salt.


Beautiful Horse Reunion

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