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East Bay Bike Path

February 23nd, 2017 – Thursday

Whatever is going on, I LIKE IT! 60 degrees today, I headed to the bike path. Another wait for the repair guys to fix the fridge, ugh. They showed up as I was putting the bike rack on the car. They slowed me down a little, but not much. I was taking Roadie out, so I had to put air in tires, and gather different shoes and gloves, helmet, sunglasses, jacket and put it all on me, or in the car. Normally I would ride to the bike path, it’s only about 3.3 miles. Today I just wanted to do the path. I could ride and drive to the barn without having to worry about all my barn clothes this time. The ride started off pretty rocky, well bumpy. The tree roots have been getting worse every year. In certain spots, you can see them coming, so you veer left and right as you stand on the pedals, navigating the vengeance of the trees! There are a couple of spots that you just know there is no avoiding them, so you hold the handlebars firm but with some give, keep standing, and take the teeth chattering bumps as they come. I was contemplating turning around it was so bad. It evened out and most of the path ahead was bump free. The wind was at my back, so of course, you know what that meant, I’d have the wind in my face all the way back. I did an 8 mile out and back ride.

The little gem of this ride? … a ‘new to me’ coffee shop right on the bike path. In fact, is was right next to our ‘family favorite destination ride’; that’s where we ride, eat pizza, and ride back! The coffee shop is in a brick building and the aroma draws you in. We are coffee drinkers and even in the summer, we like it HOT! This will be a favorite stop of ours.

Of course, the other gem of this ride is always the scenery.

East Bay Bike Path scenery

Beautiful ocean view









East Bay Bike Path scenery

City life in the distance


The East Bay Bike Path goes along some of the-most-gorgeous ocean views in the area. And here, you can see all the way to Providence.





There are also many inlets where birds flock and fishers fish. Two of the bridges that I’ve always thought were quite ‘hairy’ to ride over, usually have fishermen on them. Worrying about a stray hook and the wooden boards having splinters, keeps me going right down the middle, and I stand, though I’m not sure why I do that. It just makes me feel better. Under both bridges though, the water flows fiercely and has boats on moorings, or tied at the docks, always rocking with the waves.


East Bay Bike Path scenery

A bridge to cross

I stop to put on my headband to protect my ears and my gloves for my fingers just after the coffee stop.

East Bay Bike Path scenery

So this is winter?

My usual bathroom stop is not open (I bet they had a restroom at the coffee shop!), so I pedal a bit harder as I churn my legs faster on my journey back to the car.

My own ‘backyard’

February 22nd, 2017 – Wednesday

Can you believe today was 54 degrees? I was running around frantically getting ready to ride, as I waited for a repairman to fix the refrigerator. I don’t quite have my gear and routine of going for a ride streamlined, so I’ll be frantic for a while in my quest to make it normal. The weather is still erratic so dressing and planning is a challenge. Many of my rides are centered around feeding the horses, so my routes as of now are in one general area. I usually start out with a plan, but along the way other roads present themselves and if I have time I stretch my ride as much as I can. I did that today and found myself just stopping to take in the moments. I think sometimes we all take our hometown for granted and don’t appreciate what it has to offer. How I ever did that here is beyond me.

Whenever I spend time near the ocean I feel like I’m on vacation. Well, we live on the edge of a huge bay. I never really thought about that because our house is not on the water. On this day I went on one of the ocean roads and I just stopped to think about where we live. I normally ride away from the water because there is less traffic. But our little town has gorgeous water views everywhere you look. I stopped to take it all in, with one foot clipped in and one foot on the ground, always ready to go, when I realized that I was not in a hurry. Why do I always ride as if I’m late for something? Here I was on this beautiful road on the side of the water

Riding in my backyard

And I couldn’t relax enough to enjoy it? So I clipped out of the pedal and got off the bike to smell and just be…

I was reveling in that moment, sipping coffee and pondering the water. After about 10 minutes I was on the bike again. I had just gotten up to speed when this ‘fast(er)’ rider whizzed by me as I huffed up a small hill (by the way: most of them are faster than me, I could blame that on my Townie for now, but truth be told, I am slow on Roadie also). Not expecting more, another rider went by. Now it’s normal to speed up when getting passed, and I had with the first rider, so after the second guy I caught them both, and for just under a minute, I stayed in their mini-peloton. The road inclined up at that point, so I uh … dropped back 🙂 Huffing and puffing, my little engine slowly lifted and pushed those pedals around and around, until finally cresting the hill, having totally lost sight of those riders, oh well 🙂

**  Peloton is a group of riders and usually refers to the main group in a race. With more riders, the peloton is very fast because riders take turns being up front and ‘pulling’ the rest. As they get tired they do some type of signal that they are dropping back. Then they go to the rear and take advantage of the draft, while they slowly make their way to the front again, by way of others dropping to the back. It’s kind of like a Ferris wheel.