Saturday ride ‘to the soup market’

February 18th, 2017 – Saturday

At 47 degrees I chose to wear shorts today. The 14 mph wind almost had me change my mind, but I usually will go with shorts if it’s a toss up. I could have gone either way with the wind. My ride took me 13.3 miles. I meandered over country roads to a busier street and to the market to get some soup. Since I still had my ‘bungie fix’ on the basket, at one point I started to have a tire rub. It was not really rubbing, so I pushed on and didn’t take any shortcuts, in fact a added a leg because I could! As this was just a ride, no stop to feed the horses, I stretched the ride out a little, stopping a few times to finish my coffee. I really like the idea of bringing hot coffee with me, I read it somewhere and so glad I did. The only thing is that you have to check the top before drinking. Because of the placement, it does get sand and/or salt on it. It’s not coated with salt, but the first time I drank I had one or two pieces in my mouth and well, that’s probably not a good idea to ingest! It’s the little things you learn that can make or break a ride.

You’ll be happy to know that I DID wash and lube her when I finished this ride. And look…

‘New’ seat on Townie

A better seat. If you’ve been riding for a while, as with many other hobbies, you tend to collect extras of certain things. Bike seats are easy to collect because although they may be ‘worn out’ usually they don’t look worn out. So, for us, we feel bad throwing something away that looks perfectly fine! We had 3 extra bike seats in our collection. This one was mine I think. You can usually tell a men’s bike seat because they tend to have a longer front, I don’t know why, like other things, bigger is better ?! I’ll be testing this seat today and will let you know how it went.

My hubby was just coming home when I was putting the seat on, and fix-it guy that he is, he immediately got to fixing my basket. 

If it works …

Unfortunately, that meant we had to go to Home Depot to get some screws and we also used “lock-tite’ so they wouldn’t come loose again. Look Ma, no bungies 🙂

No more bungie