Riding after a snow storm

February 14th, 2017 – Tuesday

This may be the first time I’ve ever ridden a bike with snow on the ground. 35 degrees is probably my limit as far as toes go. Oh I rode with all the accoutrements of cold weather riding, but my toes were feeling it. I was also armed with an insulated coffee cup, with hot coffee!!

I just had to stop for a selfie along the way.

Coffee cup ride

Snow bike ride anyone?

I rode to Tom’s market for some groceries. Riding on my townie through town, doing errands and just riding, I felt like the odd and weird cat lady, who rides along, oblivious to the strange looks and nods. But ya know what? What I have noticed is more smiles and comments about the weather, or my bike. Coming out of Tom’s there was a gentlemen who recognized that my bike was probably an older model; they REALLY don’t make them like they used to. I told him she was about 30 years old and he said that’s what he thought, and it was in great condition. Yes, except for the tires, and a few additions, she is the same ‘mountain bike’ she used to be. She’s the same color, frame and same handlebars. 

Do you think there is something that I may want to replace? As that guy walked away I looked at her again and something was sticking out like a sore thumb. I suddenly became very embarrassed! I guess because my best ASSet resides there, I haven’t given it much thought!! (so much for not caring what others think.)

Help me

This would have to be rectified before my next ride. But if you check out my first post, it didn’t look at all like this. Not being used left it just fine, as soon as I started putting my you-know-what on it, this is what happens. YIKES, that is HORRIBLE :/

And how about my ‘bungie’ fix on the basket? Well, I’m not exactly the quickest girl to get things fixed. Hey if it does the job(?) why go out and get a $2 screw?

If it works …

Besides my toes, not freezing, but just starting to feel the cold, my ride was great. Occasionally stopping for coffee, I felt free and alive as I meandered a longer way to the barn to feed. I think my next big thing will be to wash her. All this sand and salt can’t be good if left on for days at a time.