Cycling in February – IN SHORTS

February 8th, 2017
The ever changing New England weather allowed me to ride in shorts today! It was 55 degrees when I started and I was able to do an actual ride before heading over to the barn. Cycling shoes adorned my feet, as well as bike shorts and biking gloves. My route meandered through the outskirts of Warren and looped back to the barn. I was rolling along pretty well when my legs started feeling like lead, as if I were knee deep in mud. (In the past, I have unknowingly ridden with the brake on. It was in Kentucky on a tandem with my mother, and we were looking at each other like; is she pedaling (?), why is she slacking off so much(?)) But on this day, I dismounted and as I hunched over my bike, I checked the brakes, the fender, the chain and the kickstand. Finding nothing, I circled the machine, hoping for a clue. There had to be something. As I checked the spin of the rear tire once more, the basket freely lifted up as I used it to raise  the tire off the ground, aha. (I won’t be using the basket to raise the bike up any more!) Okay, the basket was loose and bearing down on the rear fender, which of course was very close to resting on the tire. A bolt had worked it’s way loose and fallen out. Searching through my bag of clothes, hats, keys and such, I found nothing, but the bungy cord holding my ‘just in case’ stash was just what I needed. I used it to secure the braces of the basket to the seat post. We humans are awesome how we can use a little ingenuity to figure things out. Usually I don’t have to because I’m with someone else. That someone else knows how to fix things, I am not in that category. But on this 55 degree ‘winter’ day, in my bike shorts, on the side of a busy -Rte. 6-type- of road, I conquered a pesky problem and was able to enjoy the free wheeling ride over to the barn to feed our waiting beasts.